The variety of casino card games


The casino industry is one of the major booming category under the tourism and hospitality industry. And like any other booming industry, the casino and gambling industry too has variation in its product. By product of this industry, we speak of the games available at the casinos. Now hardcore gamblers will always have the fixed casinos and fixed games, but the leisure gamblers won’t have the same approach. Roulette, slot, blackjack and poker are the most popular choices in a casino. However, if you aren’t a regular, then it is advisable to check out the diversity of casino games and sample the true essence of the environment.

The dark horse of casino games

If you find yourself bored of the regular casino games like Texas Hold’em Poker, blackjack and roulette then you must try out the offbeat games of casinos. These games are not often talked about, neither glorified in pop references. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. If you ever happened to come across casino information sites such as such, you would know the wide range of options available.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is widely more popular in the Asian casinos. This game does have its western counterparts, with the English origin, chuck-a-luck and Grand Hazard. This game is a pure luck based game involving three dices. If you happen to love craps and roulette, you are going to love this game as well. For any of these casino games, if you wish to view a detailed description on the rules and gameplay then you must visit online sites such as


Pontoon is a spinoff on the casino favourite Blackjack. Pontoon is more popular with the British audiences and is a lot like the British version of blackjack. Pontoon has subtle changes, that make Pontoon interesting an gives it the edge over 21 or blackjack. Subtle variations like, using Spanish cards of 48 cards a deck ( with the 10s removed,) cards being dealt face up and the dealer having no access to hole cards.


This game is again a spinoff on blackjack, although it is more popularly available in online casinos. In the online casinos, you will particularly love Stravagance for its bonus features and progressive jackpot. For, e.g. if you have a hand of three of a kind, on winning you will get 3 times your initial bet. If you even have any three cards of the same suit, you will be paid 1.5 times your initial bet. Finally when you have three kings of heart you will get a payout, that will truly justify the name Stravagance.

Apart from these three there are plenty other unique games with both physical and online casinos. Among those, the most notable ones, are the variations of poker -Red Dog, Hi-Lo, Tequila Poker, Oasis Poker, 3 card draw and more.