The most popular casino games


Have you ever been in a casino before? If you are visiting the casino for the very first time, there are basic things you should understand like the popular games and how you can play them. These are the games you will not miss in any casino and because I don’t want you to feel out of place when you get there, here is a quick description on the most popular games that you will come across and how you can play them.

  1. Blackjack

This is the most popular of all casino games; it is a card game that is played between the dealer and you as the player. In this game, the dealer who is the party you are p[laying with, gives out two cards, that is, one for you and another for themselves end still; remains with two other cards, he puts his cards in a way that one faces up and another down, so for you, all you have to do is try as  much as you can to get close to 21. To notify the dealer that your turn has ended you just call out the word ‘hit’. The rules in this game are that, you only get one card in on turn, if you happen to have identical cards, you can split. It is a simple game to play though it might take you some time to really master it a s a beginner.

  1. Slots

It is really popular, the available slot machines I the casino can play different games, and it depends with what you are good at. You only have to insert a coin in the machine and then depending on the machine, you can pull the handle if it is made with the handle only or you can press the button, a wheel will then spin on the machine and wherever the spinning wheel stops, you will be paid according to the pattern formed on the a screen of the machine.

  1. Craps

This is what you will see mostly on the display when advertising a casino. It is played using the dice, a pair of dice is rolled and the outcome depending on the series will determine your win. If eleven or a seven appears on the first roll of the dice then you will win the bet you have placed but if in the first roll you get a two , a three or a twelve on the dice, you lose your money, though not your dice. If your roll turns out to be a four, five a six, eight, nine or ten, the number becomes your point, you will roll until you that point turns up again for a win unless you throw a seven where you will lose both the bet and the dice.

These are the most played; however you will find others like, poker and roulette which are fun to play too.

The article is translated from German and further information can be found in its original place, **.